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    Environmental Toxins: From Boobs to Babies

    October 3, 2007 •  one comment.

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    I was honored to be included on a bloggers only call last night for LUNA BARS. On the call, remarkable women, working to protect the health and well being of all women (and our daughters), addressed the risks that environmental toxins present to our health.

    As we work to empower mothers and inspire them in ways that they can protect the health and well being of their children, LUNA is doing the same thing: advising women of simple steps that they can take to help minimize their chances of developing breast cancer, so here are the tips!

    1. Create a Healthy Home (Learn How!)
    2. Eat Smart (just like AllergyKids, LUNA understands the importance of avoiding chemical toxins in our diets in an effort to prevent breast cancer)
    3. Choose Safe Cosmetics (our make-up is loaded with chemicals)
    4. Get Outside (grab the stroller and go!)

    A few more ideas, for those that are taking this seriously (remember only 1 out of every 10 cases of breast cancer can be attributed to a genetic link. So does that mean that 9 out of 10 cases could be prevented? We can always hope!)

    • Reduce your consumption of red meat and conventional milk due to the hormones and chemicals that these contain.
    • Eat organic whenever possible (to avoid consuming pesticides and other toxins linked to breast cancer risk)
    • Exercise (get out the stroller and take a walk!)
    • Avoid drinking liquids out of plastic containers (these containers ‘leach’ dangerous chemicals into your liquids)
    • Try to avoid eating canned foods (the chemical lining of cans, bisphenol A, has also been linked to breast cancer)

    Jeanne Rizzo, R.N., did a phenomenal job of fielding questions about diet’s role in the development of diseases. AllergyKids can not begin to express our gratitude for Jeanne and LUNA BARS.

    To learn more about ways to protect your health (and your daughters), please visit www.pureprevention.org

      One Response to “Environmental Toxins: From Boobs to Babies”

      1. As a first time mother I am scared and appalled at all the news coming out about the danagers now involving chemicals in our everyday products and the foods we eat. I am shocked that these chemicals are allowed in our foods and in our everyday necessite products. What makes me even more angry is the fact that these company’s don’t have to put EVERY chemical on the bottle of cleaner or they use the trade name that no one would recongize unless they did research. I can’t believe with all this technology we have and research that is done these chemicals are still allowed.

        Well I am thankful that people are now making better decisions and choosen for themselves to change what they eat and also the chemicals they prevent from being in their homes and around their family. I made the decision myself to choose to get toxic chemicals out of my house and I now buy them toxic free from a company that makes our everyday necessity products with no harsh chemicals in them. I am so thankful that I did.
        I refuse to be, or allow my family to be another number of someone who has been harmed or sick from the toxins in our homes. I think everyone should look into safer products and foods and tell these companys we will not stand for this and we will no longer buy their toxic products! I have to say, thank goodness for this website and other companys who see a healthier future for us without toxins.

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