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    Got Eczema? Let's talk about milk…

    August 5, 2007 •  no comments.

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    As the number of children (and adults) with dairy allergy appears to be increasing, AllergyKids is taking a close (very close!) look at recent changes that have been made to milk.

    In 1993, the FDA approved a controversial genetically engineered hormone called rBGH (or rBST). This hormone is administered to cows in the form of a vaccine in an effort to increase profitability by enabling the cows to produce more milk.

    The controversy arose when pus was found in this new cow’s milk, when the cows developed mastitis, an increase in IGF-1 was found, and when the genetically engineered hormone was linked to breast and prostate cancers. Yikes! Can you imagine if we were forced to inject ourselves with a daily vaccine with these side effects while we were breast feeding?

    Despite the fact that the FDA still stands by the safety of this genetically engineered hormone (after all, the FDA commisioner who approved it also worked for the corporation profiting from the hormone!), there are some bold and courageous corporations who have said, “Enough of this insanity!”

    AllergyKids is thrilled to announce that Kroger has just announced that they are joining Safeway, Starbucks, Publix and Chipotle in removing this potentially dangerous chemical hormone from their milk! On behalf of the little ones around the country, we can not begin to express our gratitude for these courageous leaders and thank them for being voices for our children!

    Read the Kroger press release here.

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