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    Got Milk Allergy or Breast Cancer? What the New "Food Safety" Czar Might Have to Do With It….

    October 11, 2009 •  3 comments.

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    According to CNN and a recent study published in the Journal of Allergy and Immunology, milk allergy is the most common food allergy, having established itself in the number one position in the last ten years.

    People with milk allergy recognize milk proteins as “foreign.” In response to these “foreign” proteins, their immune systems launch an inflammatory reaction in an effort to flush out these “foreign invaders” or milk proteins, according to Dr. Kenneth Bock, MD, author of Healing the New Childhood Epidemics: Autism,ADHD, Allergies and Asthma.

    Interestingly, in 1994, a new and “foreign” protein was introduced into the milk supply in the United States. This new milk protein, called recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) was commercially introduced into the US food supply and exclusively sold by Monsanto under the name Posilac, and is a synthetic growth hormone designed to manipulate the hormones of cows in order to increase milk production and enhance profitability for the dairy industry.

    However, scientific evidence showed that cows injected with this protein showed increases in infertility, birth defects and fetal loss as well as hormonal disruption, and increasing evidence showing that this manipulated protein may cause breast, colon and prostate cancer prompting governments around the world – from Canada, to the UK, across Europe, Japan and to Australia – to reject its use.

    In the US, however, it was a different story.

    And now, fifteen years after the controversial approval of rBGH at the FDA, not only is milk the most common food allergy in the United States, but according to the American Cancer Society, the US also has the highest cancer rate in the world – 1 in 8 women has breast cancer, 1 in 6 men has prostate cancer. Recognizing that correlation is not causation, the epidemic increases in the rates of allergies and cancers in the United States suggest that further research is merited.

    Today, a new CNN report by Lou Dobbs highights not only the questions around the safety of this ‘foreign’ milk protein, but also the safety of appointing former Monsanto employee, Michael Taylor, a Monsanto attorney who became a lobbyist and drafted guidelines that exempted milk producers from labeling dairy products from cows that had been treated with rBGH, as “Food Safety” Czar:

    safe_imageEmbedded video from CNN Video

    Given the uncertainty over this “foreign” milk protein, the fact that other developed countries around the world have not allowed its use, and that a November 2007 report from the FDA states that the FDA “does not have the capacity to ensure the safety of the nation’s food supply” putting “American lives at risk”, perhaps it makes sense to protect our families the way families in other developed countries have been protected and learn more about What’s In Our Milk? in order to safeguard the health and well being of our families:

    • Buy milk, cheese and yogurt that is labeled “rBGH-free”
    • Purchase beef that is also labeled “rBGH-free”

    Signs of a milk allergy may include but are not limited to:

    • Stomach aches, colic, gastrointestinal discomfort
    • Allergic Shiners (dark circles beneath the eyes)
    • Eczema, rashes and skin disorders (including acne)
    • Migraines, headaches and other neurological symptoms
    • As well as the classic allergic symptoms like hives, swelling, difficulty breathing and possible anaphylaxis (as detailed at www.allergykids.com)

    There is so much that we can do to protect the health of our families. And together, we can affect remarkable change in doing just “One Thing”.

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      1. Interesting post. I like your writing style. Subscribing to your RSS feed. 🙂

      2. Jacki

        The Future of Food DVD says it all.

      3. Nice article.

        Please do check the milk products for “rBGH” lable while buying and protect your family from affected to allergy and cancer.


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