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    Got One Minute for Kids?

    December 4, 2010 •  no comments.

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    I recently posted the following question on Facebook, and it garnered some inspired and candid responses, as seen below:

    If you had one minute to deliver a speech about children’s health to an audience that includes some of the world’s most influential people, what would you say?

    Mark S.: We must make their world a less toxic one and we must start before they are conceived right through to adulthood.

    Renee D.: Children are our future, they are not guinea pigs & we should treat them with the best care, love & respect both inside & out!! ♥

    Carolyn R.: Every act taken to reduce toxics, improve diet, alleviate poverty, and create beautiful walkable communities is an act of preventing suffering in children and families. All of these things add up in surprising ways. Prevention costs less by every metric than trying to cure the terrible ills wrought by our carelessness and stinginess.

    Jen M.‎: “Wake up. It’s the food and environment, dammit.”

    Kristen H.Y.: Our children aren’t little Democrats or little Republicans, it’s time for us to set aside our ideological differences and work together to reduce our childhood illness statistics. If we don’t fight for them, who will? Our children are counting on us, let’s roll!

    Danika C. : The precautionary principle is the only way we are going to protect children. Forcing companies to prove whatever they produce isn’t harmful, whether it’s food, toys, shampoo, etc is the only way. Otherwise, corporate interests and profit will always come first. And, as a MD once said to me, waiting for the absolute scientific proof can be dangerous.

    Susan H.S. : If you are over 40, the world you grew up in was fundamentally different than the world our children face today. Your mattress wasn’t off-gassing chemicals. Your milk wasn’t spiked with hormones and your meat didn’t come with a heavy dose… of antibiotics. Your food wasn’t engineered to destroy stomach linings of bugs and ooops–perhaps your own stomach too. You weren’t eating off plates and cups that leaked toxins or putting on lotion that messed with your endocrine system.

    Ask any parent with a child under 10, or any teacher, and they will tell you the sad truth about the state of kids health in America. Our kids are allergic to way more than they should be. Our kids are overweight. Our kids can’t pay attention and way too many can’t breathe.

    And I like the precautionary principle point, the democratic/republican point, and the dammit! But then inspire the pants off them because we CAN turn this around if we put improving kids health as a strategic imperative for the success of this nation.

    Janelle S. : Much of the chronic illness and disease children suffer today (at least in the US) is due to human created risks. And, if we created them, we also have the power to eliminate them.

    Daniela K. : Our children – our future – our nation needs a sound foundation. If we do not take care of the health of our kids and if we don’t raise them on healthy food and won’t protect them from hazardous chemicals in the food and in the environment …- we will soon have no children, no future, no nation.

    It is up to us to reverse on what harm has been done – since we provoked it.

    I want our children to have healthy food not only at home, but also in the schools and no chemical hazards and other that undermines their health and very life, too.

    They have a right to it and we have the responsibility to protect them and our planet. It is very possible to bring about a change – and there are a few school districts out there which have been successfully applying it all. There is NO excuse to delay and deny our children what they need for their right to life.

    Danika C. : I think there’s a whole speech right here in the comments 🙂

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