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    Is a USDA Flawed Analysis of Gut Paralysis Virus Putting Our Children At Risk?

    September 8, 2007 •  3 comments.

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    The Chicago Tribune and Seattle Times recently attributed the bee colony collapse to acute paralysis virus, a virus introduced three years ago, around the same time as the introduction of a controversial strain of genetically modified corn into our food supply.

    This controversial corn was engineered with a virus designed to introduce a neurotoxic insecticidal protein into the DNA of the corn cell. The purpose of injecting this neurotoxic protein into the corn was to cause gut paralysis in insects that tried to consume the corn, protecting crop yield and profitability of the corn crop.

    Despite court rulings across Europe calling on a ban of the sale of this corn given the gastrointestinal toxicity that it presented in animals in a 90-day feeding trial, a corn geneticist, who has subsequently gone to work for the State Department, was recently awarded the National Medal of Science Award.

    25% of foods found on our grocery store shelves are derived from genetically engineered corn, as highlighted in Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma, and 70% of our immune system is found in our guts. Corn and corn fed livestock are some of the fastest growing food allergies in children (Corn Allergies: Is Your Family’s Diet Putting Your Children at Risk?).

    As American children ingest the same virus-containing corn that has apparently killed the bees, have we unknowingly and without our informed consent, engaged our children in one of the largest human trials in history?

    Will we listen to the canaries in the coalmine?

      3 Responses to “Is a USDA Flawed Analysis of Gut Paralysis Virus Putting Our Children At Risk?”

      1. Good work bringing this to light. It’s pretty clear that genetically modified crops are part of the biggest hoax that mega-farmers and biotech firms have perpetrated on the American public. Check out my blog (particularly this entry: http://theresma.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!80EE15D075B65A13!176.entry) for more information…

      2. Thank you so much for this article about the gut paralysis! I have noticed many of my friends and their children having more and more intestinal problems. The doctors can’t seem to “figure it out”. My research turned up the studies that showed that excess intake of sugar slows the gall bladder and intestines involuntary muscular movement. Now this. No wonder our country has ever increasing numbers of colitis, Chrone’s disease, allergies.

        I just had a discussion with a concerned mom on Sunday. After months of gastrointestinal testing on her 3 year old she told me, “All we know is he isn’t regular”. The doctors cannot tell her anything else. Motility problems. My son had it too – but for other reasons (see my site gas-leak.org). I now wonder if the corn added to the problem. We have determined that when my son eats corn it triggers a cough. His motility has improved along with his diet.

        I knew about the genetic modifications, I read about the bees dying because of the crops. I didn’t know why and I thank you for that information.

        Did you also know that the government has passed new laws in Iraq that the farmers can no longer obtain seeds for their farming from the harvest of their previous year’s crop? They must now buy seed that is “approved” by American sources. These American seeds have been genetically modified so that the crop they produce cannot be used for seed in the next generation!! I fear America is exporting and mandating illness, allergies, bee-genocide into Foreign lands that cannot scientifically defend themselves! I hope enough voices say NO! to GMO manufacturers.

      3. Susan M Reimer

        My daughter Hope was born healthy in December 2004. I was unable to breast feed so therefore she was given baby formula. (every differnet formula that you could imagine including neocate a prescription on formula). I love your article because my daughter severe vomiting and bloody diarreha immediately. At 4 weeks she started developing episodes of anphalatic shock (she would stop breathing and develop temperatures of over 105) She was admitted to 8 different hospitals including CHOP. No one doctor could figure out what was wrong. She had several endoscopes &colonoscopies (the only finding was high eocinophils and high liver enzymes and blood in stool with anemia) Dr. Pawlowski at Chop examined her at age one an discovered that she was severely allergic to “Corn” She almost died several times because every baby formula has corn syrup and every intervenous solution to re-hydrate her has glusose which is corn. The list is unending. She is now three but she is still severely allergic to corn and all of the chemically engineered names for it. Dextrose,maltodextrose, sorbitol………………………….The federal government should have to label all products including baby food (2% or less is not required) Thanks for listening ….Susan..Hope’s Mom

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