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    “How did this happen?” A grandmother wakes up to food and loses 60 pounds

    August 20, 2011 •  2 comments.

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    I looked down at the scale and it said 250 lbs. I couldn’t believe it. How did that happen?

    I thought about all the diets I had been on over the years. Each one promising, each one failing. Atkins helped me lose 60 lbs. then after a year, I gained it and 50 lbs. more back. I tried liquid and eating pre-made meals (gross) of what I thought was healthy. I’d lose 20 lbs. then stop and gain it right back. Enough was enough.

    I love food so I decided I’m going to learn everything about it.

    What is real healthy food?

    I first gave up sugar. Then it was white flour. My sons were both doing the Paleo diet so I learned from them about eating lean meats, vegetable and fruits nuts and seeds. The first month was horrible. The cravings for sugar were endless. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done and likened it to a drug addict. Was I really this addicted to sugar? I started looking at all the foods in my cabinets. Canned foods with corn syrup added, salad dressings w/ corn syrup, whole grain cereals, there’s the corn syrup again! Products I thought were healthy choices were full of corn syrup and chemicals I couldn’t pronounce.

    What is going on?!

    I began dumping everything that was processed and wasn’t a whole food that was in my kitchen. My cupboards were bare.

    I then began watching documentaries to get educated on where our food comes from. King Corn, Food Inc., everything netflix had to offer on food documentaries. My favorites was to market to market to buy a fat pig which was about Farmers Markets and where their food comes from… Wow, what a difference and that’s when I really started getting mad.

    It’s also when I noticed children holding large red dye slurpys and I wanted to cry for them! I researched every farmers market in our area and began to learn more about Organic food.

    I started talking more and more to my girlfriend Ellen who was concerned about the genetic Alzheimer’s in her family and was researching food right along with me to learn more about fighting disease. My mother passed away of Cancer just two years ago. So cancer is another disease I want to fight off now by making my body as healthy as I can.

    Ellen and I got together for lunches weekly to go over what we had learned. I was thankful for this because many people just don’t want to know and we needed to vent about GMO, Pesticides, Processed Food, Corn Syrup and our poor American farmers, seed companies and drug companies and giant food corps. Are they all working hand in hand making our families over weight, allergic, sick and dieing.

    How did this happen? And what can we do to make it stop!?

    Youtube had an amazing amount of wonderful recipes from our Vegan, Vegetarian, Raw foodies and Paleo friends. I have learned to make my own almond bread. I make zucchini pasta my husband and I love. Together we juice in the morning fresh Organic vegetables and fruit. I still eat meat but it has to be grass fed, pasture finished, eggs too. I can’t believe how wonderful this whole Organic food tastes! Were my taste buds numb before?

    It’s been five months. And people started noticing the weight loss.

    I’ve lost 45lbs. on this journey so far and I call it a journey because its not a diet. I’ve completely changed what I eat for life. It’s not something I will stop once I lose the weight. I have to much information now to ever go back.

    My hope is to continue to lose at least another 6o lbs. but more importantly to get healthy and detoxify my body. My husband has lost 35lbs. and just got back from the doctors. The doctors told him keep doing whatever your doing, you’ve lost weight and your cholesterol went from 246 to 161and everything is within the normal ranges.

    And this is a man who never ate veggies.

    Learning how to make great organic food has made all the difference.(Thank you Youtube!) I’ve also begun gardening, so often in the afternoon I am tending to our organic tomatoes, zucchini lettuce and bell pepper. Watching the garden grow is an awesome reminder of how its really supposed to be.

    I have an 8 month old grandson and two more on the way that I want to inspire and be a part of. I feel like I have a whole new wonderful life awaiting me by discovering whole foods. More then anything, I want everyone to have this gift. Just know that it all started with one change. The rest just kept coming.

    ~Lisa S.

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      1. How awesome, Lisa! Let’s do an updated article! Do you want to write more about where you guys are now and how this has inspired so much more than what the numbers on the scale reflect? As it sounds like you are an extraordinary example of transformation and change!

      2. Hi congrats on your hardwork! Just wanted to know what ur Facebook page is, would love to see what you guys are doing.

        Thanks 🙂

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