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    Intolerable Cruelty: Our Sick Children's Indebted Future

    March 22, 2008 •  4 comments.

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    Financial panic has hit households across the country, as parents on budgets try to navigate the run up in food prices, gas prices, and health care costs.

    According to The Economist, in the last 12 months, there has been a 62% increase in the price of food, making everything from milk to baby formula to bread more expensive for mothers across the country. And according to the Wall Street Journal (and your local gas station), we are now getting stung by gas prices, as oil hits record highs.

    And despite our best efforts to conserve gas, we find ourselves in the car, because our children are sick. Our countless appointments with pediatricians, specialists, allergists, and speach therapists are followed by trips to the pharmacy to purchase more prescriptions for our children who are quickly earning the title, “Generation Rx”. As our budgets get squeezed by all of these factors, we find our children overmedicated, undernourished and sick, with health care costs also taking their toll on our family budgets.

    Yet at the same time, we watch as our government allocates $600 billion to the Pentagon for war efforts and only $2.4 billion to the FDA “to protect the health of the American public”. That translates into the FDA receiving only two days worth of Pentagon spending to serve as its budget for the entire year. It therefore comes as no surprise that, according to the Department of Health and Human Services, that a November 2007 FDA report states that “American lives are at risk” because the FDA lacks resources and “can no longer ensure the safety of the food supply”. Two days worth of military spending to ensure that the food that we are feeding our children and the medications with which we are injecting our babies are not going to put them at risk for health conditions later in life.

    In the meantime, we read in the New York Times about a beef recall large enough to feed every American two hamburgers, an ABC report about drugs and sex hormones found in our children’s drinking water and an EPA report stating that air pollution is so severe that it threatens the public’s health, with asthma now affecting half of all inner-city children.

    And yet, according to our government, the FDA should only receive two days worth of military spending to protect the lives of our children for the entire fiscal year. Even more explicity, the Food Protection Plan will receive an increase of $42 million – the same amount, according to CNN, that the IRS just spent to send all of us a letter announcing the rebate that we will be receiving. The safety of our food supply is worth no more than a letter from the IRS.

    As parents, we watch as the government finds resources to fight wars, bailout banks and subsidize corn based ethanol, knowing that these resources are being financed by a future debt and taxpayer burden that our children will never be able to repay.

    How will my five year old feel when he is old enough to learn that his parents’ government financed a $3 trillion dollar war with his future taxpayer dollars? A war that risked our dependency on foreign oil, prompting our government to pay farmers some of the largest subsidies in history to encourage them to plant ethanol-yielding corn over wheat, soy and other commodities? Will my children understand the food price inflation that resulted? Will they learn that the Cato Institute tried to warn that ethanol would make gasoline costlier and dirtier?

    How will they feel when they learn that, according to the New York Times, these food riots were caused by the food price inflation that resulted from our government’s farm subsidies, subsidies financed by their future taxpayer dollars? Will they question if these subsidies were designed to win favor and buy farm votes in an election year as easy money encouraged the use of an untested corn-based ethanol? Will they ever know that, according to the Wall Street Journal, the corn farmers themselves questioned the very development of these crops?

    As the EPA, FDA and the CDC repeatedly cite lack of funding as the leading cause for their inability to protect the lives of the American public, our government finances its corporate agenda by taking out billions of dollars of debt on our children’s future, potentially indebting them for their lifetimes.

    And in the 130 million American households across the country, as we struggle to cope with the sudden inflationary pressures that appear to result from our goverment’s allocation of taxpayer resources, the Centers for Disease Control now reports that one in three American children has diabetes, one in three is obese and one in every three American children has allergies, autism, ADHD or asthma.

    In 1946, Harry Truman said, “A nation is only as healthy as its children.” What have we done to ours?

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      4 Responses to “Intolerable Cruelty: Our Sick Children's Indebted Future”

      1. Bill Haymin

        I liked the article but I would like to make some important comments.

        Our country is facing a planned collapse by the people at our Federal Reserve, the globalists, internationalists and bankers. Most of our elected so called “leaders” are traitors and should be tried for treason.This is the time for all American’s to plan for VERY hard times. If you can start your own garden to grow your own food & herbs that would be a very wise thing to do. If you can get gallon glass jugs to keep an extra supply of water that has been filtered, that would be a good thing. Also any medical supplies for you & your family. If you can stock up on important non food items like clothing that would be prudent. We can not look to the government for what is comming pell mell down the pike. Get your families thinking about how your going to survive the comming finacial collapse and other possible unpredictable events.

        Agencies like the FDA, EPA, CDC etc are all controlled by criminal elements within our government and the agencies are all unconstitutional and should never have been allowed by the American people.

        The nations health needs are important but We need to be thinking on how we and our families are going to weather and get through what is comming soon!

      2. Hi,sometimes we have read between the lines to understand what
        is happening. Like if the government made it mandatory by
        2015, for example, for all cars in the country to be hybrid.
        Could you imagine how the auto industry and fuel industries
        would yelp ? It’s often more about politics and business
        more than it is about solutions. Regards.

      3. Hi, and thanks so much for your blog. I googled looking for gluten free bread recipes and somehow ended up on your great blog again.

        Glad I did as I have bookmarked and will return.

        We eat gluten free because of my wife Jackie’s intolerance. I have esophogitis and some breads seems to upset me.

        Jackie is convinced it is the wheat in the bread that upsets me and wants me to go gluten free to test her theory.

        With every tummy upset I have, she is getting closer to her wish. Thanks again for the great blog.

        Regards, Ross.

      4. Sue

        Did I miss something on the website? As I was trying to locate the types of additives to avoid. I saw sodium benzoate, but there must be a much longer list?

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