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    Organic, Natural, Local…What does it mean?!

    June 30, 2007 •  no comments.

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    As AllergyKids continues to research the impact that the chemicals and additives in our children’s food supply may have on their health (and conditions like food allergies, asthma, eczema and autism), we thought we’d highlight this savvy piece from our friends at MomReady:

    Tips : Natural, Organic, Local… What’s the difference?
    by Katrina Andrews

    Let’s break it down:

    Organically Grown foods are different from conventional products in the way that they are grown, handled and processed. It also means that the farm does not use hormones, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, genetic engineering (or biotechnology), irradiation or antibiotics. And it must also be tested and certified by the USDA, as organic. Products can that can be produced organically including produce, grains, meat, dairy, eggs, and processed food products.

    Read the informative article here!

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