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    Step 1:Cleaning Out Your Kids! (as seen on Good Morning America)

    June 26, 2008 •  13 comments.

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    In response to our Good Morning America segment, Additives, Allergies and ADHD: Is There a Connection? (have you seen the great comments that you posted to the story? Click here to read more!), we would like to take this opportunity to address the most frequently asked questions.

    1) What chemicals do I need to avoid?

    The British study cited in the Good Morning America segment is from The Lancet, their equivalent of the New England Journal of Medicine.

    The chemicals of concern are additives used to enhance the colors and flavors of foods. They include synthetic colors for yellow, red and blue (including yellow #5 which is found in our mac n cheese boxes here in the US!) as well as the preservative, sodium benzoate (used in carbonated drinks). These synthetic colors, additives and preservatives are made in laboratories using chemicals.

    Due to British parents’ growing awareness and concern over the results of these studies, Kraft UK, Coca Cola UK and Wal-Mart’s division in the UK, Asda, all voluntarily agreed to remove these additives and preservatives from their products in the United Kingdom.

    Here is what Kraft had to say to parents in the UK:

    “Kraft Foods UK has no products aimed at children that contain the ingredients highlighted in the study. For example, with our recent Lunchables reformulation in the UK, we reduced fat and salt, as well as removed artificial colours and flavours.”

    So, what’s an American mom to do?

    2) What do you feed your family?!

    Get back to basics. Slowly! My kids were addicted to dino nuggets, blue yogurt and fluorescent orange noodles! So I began by picking ONE THING in an effort to reduce these chemicals in their diets.

    Blue yogurt: Replace blue yogurt with WHITE yogurt and allow your kids to mix in any of the following: jelly, honey, chocolate chips, cheerios, even sprinkles (especially for those of you who have kids (like mine) who may not adjust well to this transition).

    Fluorescent orange mac n cheese noodles: Replace the bright orange brand with the white cheddar brand (it really does help reduce your child’s unnecessary exposure to synthetic chemicals).

    Or if your kids are like mine and freak out, then stick with the bright orange, only don’t use the ENTIRE packet of bright orange powder the next time you mix the box up – use ¾ of the pack of fluorescent orange powder mix, then slowly cut back to 70% of the pack, then 50% of the pack…..until they are less dependent on seeing that bright orange bowl of noodles!

    The important thing is to remember not to make the perfect the enemy of the good.

    Cut the Colors

    If the corporations aren’t going to voluntarily eliminate these colors from their boxes of cereals and mac n cheese here in the US, we can do it ourselves. As you try to reduce the amount of artificial colors that your kids are exposed to, they might (just maybe?!) have a bit of a conniption not getting blue yogurt, but you will feel so much better about the choice (and so will they!). So a great first step is to Cut the Colors.

    Less is more

    Your goal is to try to reduce your children’s exposure to processed foods that contain these chemical additives, colors, flavors and preservatives. In the meantime, look for the following:

    • Ingredient lists with FEWER ingredients
    • Ingredients with SHORTER names
    • Ingredients that you can PRONOUNCE
    • Ingredients that your GRANDMOTHER cooked with

    Learn to Cook (this was scary to me!)

    If you learn to cook, you will lose the chemicals.

    Now I am no Martha Stewart, Rachel Ray or anyone even resembling a chef. I burnt everything from noodles to pancakes in the process of learning to cook, so I am sure that you will be more successful at this then I was! But you can do it!

    The point is, in the US, prepackaged, processed meals are loaded with chemical and synthetic additives and preservatives to PRESERVE and ADD to their shelf life (in the stores or in the freezer). If you cook your own food, even just one night a week, you will win Mother of the Year for your efforts!

    Cook it once, eat it twice

    Given the amount of time that I now spend cooking, I want to stretch those meals as far as they can go! So, instead of nuggets, I put chicken breast in a frying pan with olive oil and water, sprinkled it with garlic, salt and pepper, put a lid on top of it and steam away. The kids have it for dinner, and then get it again in either tortilla wraps or as a sandwich for lunch the next day.

    Organic Options

    Oh, how we wish that organic food was affordable, because by law, organic food is not allowed to contain these synthetic chemicals!

    Sadly, it is these very USDA laws that make organic food more expensive, since organic farmers must adhere to strict additional standards and regulations when it comes to ensuring the safety of their products.

    In the meantime, if you can afford to choose ONE THING in your kitchen to convert to organic, consider choosing something that your children consume a lot of (in our case it was milk, in yours, it might be juice, in others it might be bread). Just making that one change will help reduce a huge heaping of chemicals in your kids diets!

    NOTE: given that different children have different allergies and sensitivities, make sure to read ALL labels before feeding your children, especially as manufacturers often change their ingredients unannounced.

    And Remember….

    This is a slow and steady process. It will not happen overnight (even though you may want it to!), so if sprinkles HELP you to wean your children off of the colored yogurt, then that is great! Eventually, you will “run out” of sprinkles….won’t you?!

    This post is dedicated to Michael Pollan, author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma, who has spent the last several decades educating America about our food supply. On behalf of mothers everywhere, we are extremely grateful for his courage, his work and his tenacity.

      13 Responses to “Step 1:Cleaning Out Your Kids! (as seen on Good Morning America)”

      1. Glenna

        Another very obvious thing that can be done by anyone is to plant your own produce. There are many sites and sources to help you with this, including your county agricultural extension service.
        Kids love to eat what they’ve helped plant and watched grow, like carrots, lettuce, squash, etc. Any square inch of yard you have can be made to produce edibles, or you can grow many in containers.
        You’ll know the produce is organic, healthy, and fresh, as well as being practically free!
        What a great gift to give your family!

      2. I went to a fascinating lecture on how the dyes and ingredients that make people hyperactive actually disrupt omega 3 pathways. So although there are many things “causing” add, they are all leading to a deficiency of essential fatty acids. Which is made worse by all the omega 6’s (vegetable oil that will sit on a shelf and never rot) that fill our kids food. Omega 3’s get rancid very easily (think fish oil) So either you have to say goodbye to that food that lasts forever or get some fish oil. Or BOTH!

        • That’s a creative answer to a dfificlut question

      3. ps i love your blog and am on a similar mission.

      4. Misty

        Love your blog!! One thing we have done in our house is switch to Annie’s brand organic mac-n-cheese(they have a blue box type now), every little bit helps. I get it at my local walmart

      5. michelle daniel

        My son is allergic to corn, wheat, gluten, dairy, yeast,chicken, tomato, sugar, on and on and on. I am having a very difficult time feeding him things that are good to eat. Does anyone have any advice on what to avoid, when it comes to ADHD, eczema, and asthma? HELP!!! What recipe books should I purchase?

        • mary

          Try Feingold.org. I used this diet for my son who was adhd and allergic to anything artificial in food. He reacted to colors, flavors and preservatives. I used this diet for the whole family for over 20 years and it has served us well. We are all still on the natural “diet” and never plan to change.

      6. This is a great blog. Very helpful steps.

        I am so grateful that my kids were never into the artificial color thing. They’re dad is a junk-food junkie, but I have been pretty stalwart on “kid” food. They eat real food, like it or not. (hee!)

        It continues to outrage me that the corporations do not value the health of the American consumer (their cash cow) over the value of a cheap buck, as they poison our kids and let us deal with the results. Thank you for posting the truth about what our neighbors in the UK get to enjoy, thanks to their vocal opposition of unhealthy foods!!!!!

      7. This was a great post with a lot of helpful, simple ideas. Thank you!

      8. Em.

        Love your blog. Don’t have kids, but have recently developed all sorts of annoying allergies (wheat, gluten, dairy etc). Once I was forced to look at what I was eating, I started to notice just how gross a lot of it was. I think everyone, not just families with kids, needs to take a look at what they’re putting in their body. The only way to get organic prices is down is to increase demand to increase supply.

        michelle daniel, try looking for enjoylife brand, if you haven’t already. i eat a lot of gluten free veggie burgers for protein, and amy’s brand soups as well. I also have problems with skin care, because of my allergies, so you might have to watch for what you put on your son’s skin, such as soaps and sunscreen.

      9. nancy

        I guess the same dyes are on peanut m&m’s, sadly, one of my lifelines in times of stress. Has anyone ever found a product like them without the colored crunchy coating?

        • Kelly

          Sundrops by Sunspire – The taste of the chocolate is not *quite* the same as m&m’s but my kids don’t complain about the difference. Exact same texture & crunch.

      10. Thanks for this information. We’ve really tried to eliminate “factory food” from my son’s and my diet. But the mac n cheese slips in. Now I know about the dye that won’t be happening.

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