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    Swimming Upstream: Goldfish Makers Ditch Artificial Dyes. Next Up, GMOs?

    December 7, 2013 •  4 comments.

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    Food dyes have gotten a bad rap in the United States and have been linked to health concerns as far reaching as cancer.  A “Rainbow of Risks” cites one report, putting parents on alert.

    But the food industry has been slow to respond. As CBS Market Watch reported, “any clampdown would be fiercely opposed by the major food manufacturers who use a boatload — 15 million pounds — of food dyes in the U.S. every year. ”

    Fifteen million pounds of artificial food dyes per year.

    It’s hard to hear for parents trying to feed kids on a budget, especially when you consider that our very own American companies have pulled these artificial dyes, derived from petroleum based products, from the kids’ foods that they are serving in other countries.  That double standard just doesn’t sit right for most American parents, and people have been making some noise.

    I am one of them.  I first took on the issue back in 2008 on Good Morning America when I was writing my book.  Studies linking these artificial ingredients to hyperactivity led American companies to reformulate their products in the United Kingdom.  Despite this response to consumer demand and parental concern overseas, our own companies did nothing here while the FDA said that more studies are needed.

    But since then, despite the fact that the FDA sat still, companies began to take notice.  They are listening and responding to consumer demand, even while the FDA says nothing.  In no way is this more obvious than in an email I received last week from the makers of Goldfish.  I had hammered on their product in my book, The Unhealthy Truth, for being a kid-favorite and absolutely jacked up on these artificial ingredients that can send some kids sky high.  As a mom of four, it had been my go-to snack for years, but upon learning that, I ditched the colors and opted for something else.

    So when I emailed them, following up on some research being done on artificial colors, to ask about their recent announcement to ditch these  artificial dyes, I got the following response.

    Ms Robyn, we received your message and appreciate the time you took to contact Pepperidge Farm regarding the coloring used in our Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Colors.

    Our Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Colors use the following natural ingredients for coloring:

    • Red Beet
    • Paprika
    • Watermelon
    • Huito
    • Tumeric
    • Annatto

    Huito fruit is a native Latin American exotic fruit much like Acai, Passionfruit or Guava.  Its flavor is reminiscent of an apricot or raisin.

    We appreciate your interest in our Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Colors.  Please contact our Consumer Response Center at 1.888.737.7374 if you need further assistance.

    If you don’t think these companies are listening, you have not yet tried talking to them.  They are making these changes, but they need us.  They need consumers to share their concerns, to write, call and email so that they can show their shareholders and show their boards of directors that this food awakening is happening.

    Together, we can get this junk out of our food the way parents have overseas.  We can clean up our food system and restore the health of our families.

    Pepperidge Farm closed their email saying, “Thank you for visiting the Pepperidge Farm website.”

    Thanks for listening, Pepperidge Farm.  Next up, let’s figure out a way to help your farmers grow their corn and soy with fewer chemicals, without those genetically engineered ingredients and chemically-intensive operating system that the biotech industry says we need.

    Our combined talent, intellect and creativity are so powerful.  And it is our collective talents that will create the changes we want to see in the health of our food system and the health of our country.

    Sometimes the first step just might be as tiny as a goldfish.

    To ask Pepperidge Farm to remove the chemical industry’s genetically engineered ingredients from our children’s goldfish or to thank them for ditching the artificial dyes, please contact Consumer Response Center at 1.888.737.7374 or send them an email here: http://www.pepperidgefarm.com/ContactUs.aspx 

    Follow Robyn on Twitter @unhealthytruth and on Facebook.  She is a former financial analyst and author.

      4 Responses to “Swimming Upstream: Goldfish Makers Ditch Artificial Dyes. Next Up, GMOs?”

      1. Roger harris

        Thanks alot for sharing this information with your readers. Nowadays putting food colors in the food items has become a very common thing. It is necessary that we stop this kind of activity at the right time.

      2. Thank you!!! GREAT post! I truly believe that the power of the public and how they spend is one of the greatest influences we have with corporate America. If we don’t ask why would a business take responsibility?

        If we shift our spending to ethical or sustainable choices, then companies will follow. I think someones we all forget our powerful our voices can be.

        Thanks for the good work you do.

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