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    The AllergyKids Foundation: Restoring the Health of Our Children, One Bite at a Time!

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    The landscape of children’s health has changed. No longer are our children guaranteed a healthy childhood – not in the face of the current rates of autism, food allergies, diabetes, childhood cancers and obesity. The mission of the AllergyKids Foundation is to inspire change in the health of children by protecting them from chemicals recently added to the US food supply – chemicals not found in children’s foods around the world.

    Our goal is simple and straightforward: we want to protect the American children from the chemicals now found in our food supply and to have the same value placed on the lives of the American children that has already been placed on the lives of children in other developed countries.

    In our efforts to achieve this, the AllergyKids Foundation works to:

    1. Educate parents and caregivers about food grown without chemical additives, growth hormones and toxins.
    2. Address the increasing prevalence of chemical additives, growth hormones and toxins now found in the U.S. food supply and its impact on the health of our children.
    3. Provide instruction and resources to help individuals and families reduce their exposure to hidden chemicals in their diets.
    4. Cultivate team building and grassroots movements that drive change in our schools, communities, organizations, and federal food policy.
    5. Inspire choices that enhance overall quality of life, improve nutrition and create change in the health of our communities.

    Our mission is a mighty one, but we believe that our children deserve nothing less. We can accomplish so much together. Since AllergyKids launched on Mother’s Day 2006, we have shared stories on CNN, the Today Show, the 700 Club and in People Magazine and in the New York Times and have provided a valuable resource and tool, The Unhealthy Truth: How Our Food Is Making Us Sick and What We Can Do About it, published by Random House in May 2009. As we work to do more, we are so thankful for the heroic work that all of you are doing and continually inspired by your stories of courage, hope, tenacity and faith.

    Together, we can achieve the healthy childhoods that are children so deserve. And at the AllergyKids Foundation, we believe that hope is the knowledge that change is possible. The challenge is in the moment. The time is now.

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