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    The Inside Scoop on Ice Cream!

    March 4, 2010 •  one comment.

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    Just got a call and “Something very big is going down with ice cream…”

    And it is. More and more people are finding out that an artificial growth hormone called rBGH (also known as rBST) that is used in our dairy products causes harm, leads to increased antibiotic resistance in humans and may increase cancer rates. The use of this growth hormone has been banned by Canada, Australia, New Zealand and all 27 nations of the European Union.

    According to the FDA, this synthetic growth hormone is “substantially equivalent” to naturally occurring growth hormones. But the problem is that no tests have ever been run. So we don’t know if our children with milk allergies are allergic to the milk that we grew up drinking or to these engineered milk proteins in rBGHwhich was introduced into our milk in 1994.

    Thankfully, despite the FDA language, eaters like you are insisting on the same standards seen by eaters in Europe, Australia, Japan and in other developed countries, which has led dozens of retailers and dairy processors and to stop using rBGH completely, including Starbucks, Chipotle Restaurants, Darigold, Tillamook and many more. Walmart, Kroger, Kraft and others have started offering rBGH-free product lines and last year, Yoplait and Dannon yogurts both went completely rBGH-free in response to consumer demand.

    But two of our nation’s largest ice cream makers, Breyers and Dreyers, are still using this growth hormone in their products – growth hormones that are engineered in a lab and linked to diseases and antibiotic resistance in humans.

    Let Breyers and Dreyers hear from you! Kids matter, food matters and synthetic growth hormones in our ice cream matter!

    To e-mail U.S. Ice Cream, which includes Breyers, go to http://www.icecreamusa.com/contact_us/comment.cfm or call (800) 931.2826

    To e-mail Dreyer’s, go to http://www.dreyersinc.com/contact.asp or call (877) 437.3937

    Together, we can get synthetic growth hormones out of our dairy, one scoop of ice cream at a time!

    Ice Cream Matters!

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      1. Shannon

        Thanks for making it so easy to take action! Just wrote to Unilever.

        And in case you haven’t heard of this outstanding documentary:

        is about the obesity epidemic and what we can do about it.

        Thanks again for your terrific work, your amazing passion.

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