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The Pregnancy Project, an AllergyKids Initiative

AllergyKids Foundation is working with leading scientists and global thought leaders on the development of a study exploring the allergic potential of genetically engineered (GE) corn.

To date, no human studies have been published that assess the allergenic potential of commercially approved GE corn varieties.  The FDA has not done any independent testing of its own, instead relying on industry-funded data in approving these ingredients for human consumption, despite the fact that no long-term pediatric studies and no prenatal studies have been conducted to determine the toxicological safety of these ingredients.

Physicians and immunologists worldwide have expressed concern over the insecticidal proteins engineered into Bt to control either the European Corn Borer (ECB) of the corn rootworm (CRW). Remarkably, up to six different Bt proteins are engineered into some of today’s corn varieties and these insecticidal proteins are present not just in the harvested corn, but also throughout the leaves, stalks and roots of corn plants. They enter the food supply and aquatic ecosystems in a variety of ways, few of which have been seriously studied.

Genetically engineered foods were introduced into the American food supply in the late 1990s without any long-term human safety trials. As long as a GE food was “substantially equivalent” in terms of vitamins, mineral, protein, fiber, and other macronutrients, it was deemed acceptable. No new studies were required on allergenic potential, reproductive impacts, or long-term health impacts.

GE corn soon became a part of thousands of everyday food products, including infant formulas and children’s foods, and none were required to be labeled. This “don’t look, don’t ask” policy has kept physicians and the public at large in the dark, unable to determine whether GE foods are triggering new food allergies or other health problems.

AllergyKids believes that a citizen-driven study is of enormous importance in light of recent studies that show that a common Bt toxin in GE corn is present in the blood of pregnant women and their unborn babies and that derivatives of this corn are now prevalent in the food supply. We can no longer wait for long overdue research that should have been completed before GE corn was approved for widespread planting.

  • The project is citizen-driven and responds to issues of great concern to many consumers and health care practitioners.
  • Our new research will be citizen-funded, assuring that the scientists carrying out the research will be free to go where the science leads them and will not have to seek permission from the industry or government, or anyone, to publish their findings.
  • Allergy Kids is forming a science advisory committee to help develop the research priorities, methods, and protocols. This committee will also help us identify teams of scientists with the required skills/experience to carry out the work and defend the results.
  • The study will focus, for example, on: (1) the presence/absence of Bt proteins in umbilical cord blood, (2) reactivity/sensitivity in the mothers to Bt proteins, and (3) reactivity in older, sibling children of the same woman.
  • The study cohort (a group of moms) will include some individuals from expected, heavily exposed populations (e.g. Hispanic woman whose families eat a lot of corn tortillas, tacos, chips, and women living in areas with extensive planting of GE corn), as well as other, presumably less-exposed populations (e.g. woman consuming vegan diets or purchasing mostly organic food).
  • In the event the study demonstrates that some woman and children have become sensitive to Bt food proteins, the scientists will design into the study the necessary additional tests and steps to address, and hopefully refute, all likely explanations and criticisms of study and laboratory methods. .
  • To assure maximum impact, the results of the study will not be publicly discussed or disclosed until the paper is published in an appropriate, respected professional journal.

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At the AllergyKids Foundation, we are dedicated to protecting the health of the American children from potentially harmful ingredients now found in our food supply – growth hormones, pesticides and genetically engineered organisms inserted into food crops, as well as new allergens and proteins – ingredients that weren’t in the food when we were kids.

Your support enables us to expand upon a vital message – that the American children deserve food that will help them thrive – and to support the AllergyKids Citizen-Funded Science Project, as detailed below.

There are so many ways for you to join us and to through our partnership with Network for Good.

The AllergyKids Foundation is a 501( c )(3) compliant, tax exempt charitable organization. We are both honored and grateful for your support, as every gift enables us to inform and inspire parents, caregivers and policy makers about the impact that chemicals in our food supply are having on the health of our families.

On behalf of the 1 in 3 American children with asthma, allergies, ADHD or autism, we thank you for your support and generosity.