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Do One Thing

“As eaters, we are all shareholders in our food supply and can learn from Robyn’s work. Her efforts are both inspiring and important.” – Nell Newman

Making the shift to a healthier kitchen is always a daunting task, but sometimes, a simple step is all it takes to get started. We’re going to help you make it as easy as possible to take those steps and remember— not only have we been known to burn noodles, but we’ve got picky eaters, limited budgets and no time, too.

The first step is realizing that each of us is going to make the journey in our own way. For some of you, the first step will be to turn a detective’s eye on the labels at the grocery store and choosing one type of additive to reject, such as aspartame or Yellow Dye Number 5.

So do what is going to work for you, avoid what seems like too much trouble, and trust in yourself and in the process. That’s the only way it’s going to work for you anyway, so why not start out by feeling calm and in control?

Here you will find some tips to help “clean up”. (And for those who might ask, I do not represent or work with in any way any of these corporations or products, I simply value the integrity of their ingredients). Remember, don’t make the “perfect” the enemy of the “good,” this is about progress, not perfection!