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    In the Grocery Store

    Brands to Look For

    These are suggestions, not a complete list. And always, always check the label, as food manufacturers can change their ingredient list at any time!

    GMO-free Grocery Store Brands
    Safeway Organics
    Whole Foods
    Wild Oats
    Trader Joe’s

    Safeway Organic
    Horizon Organic
    Stonyfield Farm Organic
    Organic Valley Dairy
    Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream
    Tillamook Cheese

    Organic Valley
    Nest Fresh Organics
    Land O’Lakes Organics

    Baby Food and Infant Formula
    Gerber Products
    Earth’s Best
    Baby’s Only
    Horizon Organic
    Safeway Organic

    Fast and Easy: Prepackaged boxes and bags you can trust!
    Ketchups, Sauces, Condiments and Salad Dressing
    Muir Glen
    Marantha Nut Butters
    Safeway Organics
    Seeds of Change
    Amy’s Kitchen
    Newman’s Own Organic and Newman’s Own (except salad dressing)
    Health Valley
    Nature’s Path Organics
    Barbara’s Organic Line
    Hain Pure Foods
    Santa Cruz
    Rudi’s Own Organics

    Snack Bars
    Clif Bars
    Luna Bars
    Fruta Bu

    Boxes to Bake With
    Arrowhead Mills (organic)
    Bob’s Red Mill (organic)
    Eden Organics

    Nature’s Path
    Cascadian Farms (Clifford Crunch is a favorite in our house!
    Barbara’s Organic Line
    Health Valley Organic Line

    Candy and Chocolate
    Newman’s Own
    Ghirardelli Chocolate
    Yummy Earth
    St. Claire Organic
    Pure Fun
    Jelly Belly

    Santa Cruz Organic
    Knudsen Organic
    Cascadian Farms
    NUI Water

    For a helpful list of ways to avoid pesticides and environmental toxins in the foods you buy, please download the Environmental Working Group: A Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides