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    Kid’s Corner

    Creative thinking also requires plain old creativity. Sometimes the right thing to do is just stop everything, get out the crayons, and color some pictures.

    At the AllergyKids Foundation, the butterfly is our symbol of change, transformation, and the celebration of life. We thought we’d give you a butterfly to download, print and color yourself as a reminder that you, no matter what your age, color or size, are capable of remarkable things! Sure, it might be for little kids, but it serves as a reminder for the Big Kids, too, that we are all capable of incredible change!

    Download our Butterfly

    And while you are coloring, you and your parents may want to visit www.root4kids.com to learn about fun and creative ways to learn how to dig veggies!

    And for an additional dose of inspiration, listen to this 11 year old from Asheville talking about our food system and what any kid, any where can do about it!