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    Food Allergies Through the Eyes of a Fifth Grader

    My name is Lexy O’Brien. Well, Alexandra O’Brien. I think it is great that people are eating healthy food because it means fewer sicknesses. Some sicknesses are contagious and some are not. And of course, no one wants to get a cough or disease from a piece of unhealthy food. And, because I am school age, there could be a lot of “throwing up” in classes. And speaking of school, I see a lot of nasty stuff in lunch boxes that the people who own it think of it as “good tasting.” Well, throw-up isn’t good tasting, so why eat it if that’s what is going to happen to you? Some people need to smarten up with this whole food thing.

    When I was in first grade, there was this thing called “Sharing News.” If you were picked, you would walk up to a tall stool at the front of the room and tell the class about something that happened over the weekend, what sports and hobbies you are doing, what awards you have won in gymnastics class or whatever. I once got picked to go up to the stool. My mom had just figured out about all of the unhealthy food stuff. I tried to tell my class, but my teacher interrupted me saying the knowledge wasn’t what my friends needed. So, I sat back down, with rather grouchy feelings toward my teacher.

    Later, after school, there were teacher conferences. The parents of the kids in my class would go to the teacher conferences and my teacher would talk to each parent individually and privately about what was going on with their child in school, how she or he was doing, and maybe a bit about how they were acting in school. My teacher told my mom what I had tried to tell the class that day. The teacher wasn’t angry, and neither was my mom. My mom thought what the story was “cute” and “telling.” I didn’t. And from that day forward, I didn’t really try to tell people about healthy food.

    I think Barack and Michelle Obama should get more involved in the entire unhealthy food thing.

    First of all, I think Michelle or Barack should read a book about food and how it is wrecking our planet. Next, I think they should have a meeting with the author of that book and discuss why that person wrote the book and what they feel needs to be fixed. After that, read a few more books and have a few more meetings with the authors of those books and discuss the same things. Then, give a speech about what they want to change. Then the Obamas should see what people’s reactions are. They should see how many states wanted to fix the food or leave it. Then they should make a final and big decision.

    Thank you for listening to what I have to say about healthy food.