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    Renegade Lunch Lady: Ann Cooper

    A Q&A with Chef Ann Cooper:

    Your Name: Ann Cooper

    Your Occupation: Chef/Lunch Lady

    Your Blog/Website: www.chefann.com www.chefann.com/blog www.thelunchbox.org www.saladbarproject.org

    Your Twitter Profile: chefannc & thelunchbox FB chefannc & thelunchbox

    Your Go-to food that you can’t live without: OMG – its so seasonal – right now its either cantaloupe – peaches or salads

    Which person living or dead would you most like to have a meal with? Hmmm I’d like to have a dinner party w/: Hillary Clinton – Rachel Maddow – Ellen Degeneres – Michelle Obama – Elena Kagan – Sonia Sotomayor – Gail Christopher – Robyn O’Brien == with enough smart women we can change the world!

    What would you serve? Would totally depend on the season – but the best of local seasonal – mostly organic product

    What trait do you most deplore in our food? – highly processed chemically laden stuff

    What characteristic do you most admire in a person? – honesty & passion

    What is your best trait? – passion & drive

    Who was your first crush? – gym teacher

    If you could deliver five words to Congress, what would they be? – Prioritize our children’s HEALTH!

    If the USDA asked you to replace the word “Organic,” what word would you use? Triple bottom line: Healthy Kids – Healthy Food – Healthy Planet

    If you were a piece of food, what would you be? – It’d be mouth feel – really sensuous regional seasonal flavor oriented

    What is your favorite indulgence? Hmmmm the perfect lover – red wine – hot tub & …………

    What is your current state of mind? All about feeding kids – opening school kitchens – training staff – our back to school campaign – all GOOD

    What is your motto? Taste Everything: food – life – love with equal measure!