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    Happy Chickens SuperKid: Orren Fox

    Our Q&A with a remarkable teenager, Orren Fox

    Your Name: Orren Fox

    Your Occupation: Chicken Wrangler, Beekeeper, Eighth Grader, and Celtics Fan

    Your Blog/Website: happychickenslayhealthyeggs.blogspot.com

    Your Twitter Profile: @happychickens and @happyhoneybees

    Your Go-to food that you can’t live without: Scrambled in the pan happy chicken eggs and anything with honey.

    What characteristic do you most admire in a person? Humor, kindness and a respect for animals

    What do you most deplore? Selfishness and a bad jump shot

    What is your best trait? Leadership, happiness, and a reasonable jump shot

    Who was your first famous person crush? It’s not a crush but I do admire Rajon Rondo on the Celtics and also Mollie Katzen the chef.

    Which person living or dead would you most like to have a meal with? Actually I’d like to have a big picnic with Will Allen, Michael Pollan, Joel Salatin, Alice Waters, Eliot Coleman, Annie Novak from Eagle Street Rooftop Farm, Paula Crossfield from Civileats, Big Baby Davis from the Celtics, Ray Allen from the Celtics, Rajon Rondo from the Celtics, Susan Orlean the author, my grandmother Grandhoney, my brother, my mom and dad and our friends Adam, Marta, Aidan, Rob, Gin and Samuel. Oh, and the whole Red Sox team.

    What would you serve? Tea with honey.
    It would be a potluck. I would ask Mr. Salatin to bring roasted chicken (although I have to say I don’t eat chicken, I love them); Mr. Pollan, roasted vegetables; Mrs. Waters, Chocolate Pave; Mr. Coleman, fresh veggies; Mr. Allen tilapia; Annie Novak eggs from the rooftop in Brooklyn: Grandhoney, zucchini bread; Gin, gelato.

    What trait do you most deplore in our food? It is more an ingredients instead of a trait. I don’t like all the chemicals that pretend to be food. HFCS “is sugar”, but not really.

    If you could deliver five words to Congress, what would they be? Please, grow our food healthy.

    If the USDA asked you to replace the word “Organic,” what word would you use? Real Food

    If you were a piece of food, what would you be? Warm creamy chocolaty cake, like the Chocolate Pave at Chez Panisse

    What is your current state of mind? Happy

    What is your motto?
    Happy chickens lay healthy eggs…or…
    Happy bees make healthy honey…or…
    Happy food makes healthy kids…or…
    Go Celtics.