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    Meet Lily: Just “Don’t Go Nuts!”

    AllergyKids turned seven on Mother’s Day.  And through the years, we have been continuously inspired by people around the world and around the country working to protect the health of children.  But when a kid pops up and hits our radar, it floors us even more.  We are thrilled to introduce one such amazing kid, our newest food hero, Lily Pinto.  She’s 12.  We share her profile below and a video that she made with her mom and her sister, as food allergies are a family affair, and this family does it beautifully.


    Your Name:  Lily Pinto

    Your Occupation: Co-Founder Don’t Go Nuts/Musician

    Your Blog/Website: Don’t Go Nuts

    Your Twitter Profile:  N/A

    Your Go-to food that you can’t live without: Apples. They are delicious and safe.

    What characteristic do you most admire in a person? Honesty, Humility, Loyalty, and Kindness

    What do you most deplore?  Anything mean spirited.

    What is your best trait?  I try very hard to treat everyone I meet with kindness. I am extremely loyal and I try to practice unconditional love. Our family is committed to mindful living… So I really try to take great care of myself, the world and the people around me.

    Which person living or dead would you most like to have a meal with? One of my best friends, Emily Wilson, who passed away of brain cancer in January 2012 at the age of 13. She holds such a special place in my heart and her courage and bravery inspire me everyday to believe that I can face any challenge or hardship I face in life with grace and magic. She was so magical. (Her middle name was grace by the way.)

    What would you serve? Emily’s favorite meal… A fresh salad with tons of fresh veggies, homemade marinara sauce with fresh organic meatballs on top of a big bowl of spaghetti, with homemade key lime pie to top it off.

    What trait do you most deplore in our food?  First of all nuts… (because they are deadly for me!) I deplore preservatives and GMOs. All the food we are making at Don’t Go Nuts is made out of Non-GMO and high quality, organic and  delicious ingredients.

    If you could deliver five words to Congress, what would they be?
    Safe Foods, No Guns, Music.

    If the USDA asked you to replace the word “Organic,” what word would you use?  Pure or Natural

    If you were a piece of food, what would you be?  Delicious Crème’ Brulee… Made with fresh cream, organic sugar, fresh vanilla beans, and berries on the top!

    What is your current state of mind?  Peaceful, Safe, and Happy.

    What is your motto?  The one my mom has said to me every day of my life… “Believing is what gets us there.”