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    Fed Up With Lunch: Mrs. Q

    A Q&A with the mom known only as “Mrs. Q”

    Your Name: Mrs. Q

    Your Occupation: Educator in the Midwest

    Your Blog/Website: Fed Up With Lunch: The School Lunch Project http://fedupwithschoollunch.blogspot.com

    Your Twitter Profile: @fedupwithlunch

    Your Go-to food that you can’t live without: Peanut butter

    Which person living or dead would you most like to have a meal with? Oprah. I think she is a remarkable human being and considering her struggles with food issues, we would have a lot to talk about.

    What would you serve? I love comfort foods like casseroles. If I could, I would bake everything I eat. One of my favorite meals is a simple baked pasta dish.

    What trait do you most deplore in our food? I hate reading a label and seeing a paragraph of ingredients. Why does everything have to be processed? People need to be taught that whole foods are nutritious and affordable.

    What characteristic do you most admire in a person? In our culture we see too many people with over-confidence and large egos. I admire confidence: someone who is proud of who they are in a way that is not outlandish.

    What is your best trait? I’m a passionate, sensitive observer. Most people think I’m on the quiet side, but in close relationships with family and friends I am loud about both good and bad things!

    Who was your first crush? My first celebrity crush in elementary school was on Dan Rather. Weirdly I wanted to marry him and report the news together!

    If you could deliver five words to Congress, what would they be? Education and nutrition are important!

    If the USDA asked you to replace the word “Organic,” what word would you use? Fresh

    If you were a piece of food, what would you be? If you are what you eat, then I am Brie. Brie is my favorite cheese – I love it with crackers and strawberries.

    What is your favorite indulgence? Dark chocolate. I eat a piece or more every day

    What is your current state of mind? Pensive. I never thought that this project would take off like it has. I hope it will lead to good things and worry that it won’t.

    What is your motto? Listen to your gut. This idea came to me in December and I decided to go for it even though at the time my husband discouraged me due to concerns about finding the time. I’m happy I persevered because I believe real personal growth comes through challenging yourself and taking risks.